Value creation in surface cleaning and conditioning 

Phibo Industries, your total supplier

Phibo Industries designs industrial process machinery, which work on the basis of a dry or wet projection of abrasive and/or additives, for surface treatment and surface cleaning. These range from manual to fully automatic versions. Ergonomics, sustainability and safety are central to its design. Every project is approached to suit the customer. For example, a standard or customized solution can be chosen. Thanks to our own in-house R&D department everything is possible. In addition to the installations, you can also contact Phibo Industries for all related consumables, accessories and personal protective equipment. In short Phibo Industries, your total industrial supplier. One address for all your needs!

The reference in the surface treatment sector

Phibo Industries, founded in 1988, has in the meantime grown to a fixed value in the surface treatment industry. Through our years of experience, drive but especially passion for machine construction and innovation, we make a lasting difference.

Air-gumming with the MCS²

Our Mobile and Compact Stripping System for air-gumming is especially developed for the renovation of wood, metal, stone, glass...

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The SUBLIMOTION-process® is a controlled surface conditioning process to create a surface with a specific added value.

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