Industrial installations for surface treatment 

Phibo has been a machine builder since 1988 and specializes in both dry- and wet blasting equipment, dust-free blasting installations and spray cleaning machines. Each project is approached to suit the customer. For example, a standard or customized solution can be chosen. Thanks to the internal product and project engineering department, the possibilities are endless. Discover the different installations here.

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Depending on the application and the desired end result, a specific type of abrasive is proposed. Phibo's knowledge of the different abrasives and techniques ensure that you can make a well thought-out choice. This choice influences, among other things, the quality of the end result and the performance of the treatment. Discover our range of abrasives here.

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After-sales service and maintenance 

The Phibo technicians are responsible for all possible maintenance and repair work of the installations. Flexibility is central to this, enabling quick and effective intervention. If desired, a service contract can be offered. Learn more about the different possibilities here.

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Feasibility study 

Conducting empirical and fundamental research is one of Phibo's core competences. The start-up of such feasibility research often forms the starting point for tailor-made project. Read more about the different functionalities of the Phibo laboratory. 

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Subcontracting or contract work 

Phibo Industries can handle your subcontracted parts within the framework of well-defined projects. Our technical specialists provide the desired finishing: roughening, bead blasting, Sublimotion, degreasing, blackening, specific surface roughness, etc. 

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Industrial installations and accessories for surface treatment

Your total supplier

We design manual and automated dry and wet blasting installations, dust-free (mobile) blasting installations and cleaning machines. Hygiene, ergonomics, sustainability and safety are central during the design. The most recent in-house development is the patented SUBLIMOTION-processĀ®. We also help you with the selection of the corresponding spare parts, consumables and personal protective equipment.

The reference

Phibo Industries, founded in 1988, has become a reference in the surface treatment industry. Our years of experience and drive, combined with our passion for machine building and innovation, make a lasting difference.

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