Mobile dust free blasting machines in closed circuit

The VACU-impact line consists of our mobile dust-free blasting systems in closed circuit:

  • Compact blasting systems for sporadic use
  • Industrial blasting systems for full-time use

All installations are built in accordance with the applicable standards and are available in various standard sizes from small to large: S1020, S1030, S1050, S1060 and S1070.

Application-specific brushes

Different application-specific brushes are available, such as the flat brush, the 3D inner corner brush and extra large blasting brushes.

Unique technology

The projected abrasive is recuperated and frequently reused, resulting in a minimal abrasive consumption & operating cost.

  • S1020, S1030 and S1050: the abrasive is brought to the blasting head via an injection system
  • P1060 and P1070: equipped with an advanced double chamber pressure vessel for higher production

All machines are supplied with a special lightweight blasting head, corresponding hoses and a set of brushes.

Environmentally friendly

No environmental substance is created, which results in a healthier working environment without air, soil and water pollution.

Economically beneficial

  • Limited disposal and dumping costs of abrasives and dust (with 95%)
  • Time saving because blasting surfaces no longer have to be masked
  • High production capacity

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