About Phibo Industries

Fundamentals since 1988

 In-house engineering department
We have an in-house engineering department with a focus on innovative developments. For example, we design manual and automated blasting installations, cleaning machines and black lines. Both standard solutions and turnkey projects are delivered flawlessly. Efficiency, quality and a minimal ecological footprint are key. Our installations distinguish themselves in terms of performance, minimal operating costs and intelligent design. Discover our installations and processes.

During the development of new installations and technologies, we join forces with various knowledge institutions (such as universities, laboratories, industrial partners and research centers) and industries. In this way we are always informed of new developments and we maintain our critical/open mind.

Your safety and working comfort are our priority. All machines, consumables and accessories are always in accordance with the European directives on CE conformity such as the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive, noise standards, REACH and ATEX. By the way, we are NATO registered, which has already been translated into various missions for defense.

 Durability and quality
Sustainability, quality and environmental friendliness form the common thread throughout our product range. On the one hand, we always try to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions/processes. On the other hand, we try to work with recuperation systems and closed circuits as much as possible. The anti-disposable economy strategy lives in every aspect: modular systems, sustainable choice of materials and sophisticated systems.

 Advice, service and guidance
An individual and customer-oriented approach leads to the best results. That is why every project is approached in a flexible way. You are central, with your specific situation, wishes and objectives. We strive for a long-term partnership.

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