The choice of abrasive for cleaning, degreasing and/or blasting depends on your application and the desired result. We guide you during this search. In our lab, tests are performed to determine which type of abrasive and which blasting machine settings are the most suitable. There is no universal abrasive and the choice is never unique and definitive. Always opt for high quality abrasives with a minimal operating cost and maximum service life. Shipments depart for deliveries within 24 hours every day.

Quality assurance

The abrasives guarantee safe use and comply with the applicable EU legislation of ECHA, more specifically with the REACH directive and with the CLP directive on classification, labeling and packaging. Traceability is ensured thanks to the grain size marking, a unique batch number and a product description. With every delivery we can provide a certificate affirming the conformity of the delivered goods with the required quality standards (on request).

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