Wet blasting installations

Different types of industrial installations work according to the wet blasting technology. Depending on your application, a blasting cabin or blasting platform (with a spacious work surface on which the operator is located) is the most suitable. Both manual and automated versions are possible. We guide you in determining the installation and configuration.

Product features

The AQUA-impact line consists of our wet blasting cabinets.

  • Ergonomic design made from the most durable and abrasive-resistant materials
  • Low operating costs: minimum abrasive consumption, minimum compressed air consumption, closed circuit
  • Maximum return
  • Optimal user-friendliness
  • Respect for the environment

The blasting installations are available in various standard dimensions: AQUA 0806, AQUA 1313 or AQUA 3000.

Product description

  • In accordance with CE standards
  • Personalization according to modular design: heating element, abrasive concentration leveler, automatic dosing unit additive, hydrocyclone, different types of (tiltable) turntables with or without external loading table, drum for batch treatment (nuts, bolts), raised process basket with raised edges, extraction with condensate separator and powered oscillation systems of pistols (process automation), waterfall filter or paper filter (manual bed filter)

AQUA 0806

Get to know our AQUA 0806. The adjustable working height, the maximum illumination (high light output with limited energy consumption) and the extra large viewing window at an adjusted angle considerably improve the operator's working comfort.

AQUA 1313

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