VMT Food warns about microbiological contamination in the food production chain

VMT Food, EHEDG and Phibo Industries create awareness about the hygienic design of food processing installations. Machine suppliers greatly benefit from knowing and respecting food safety. The smallest risk can lead to serious consequences.

Integrated European approach

Food safety policy in the European Union is based on Article 168 (public health) and Article 169 (consumer protection) of the Treaty of the functioning of the EU. It covers the entire food chain and is based on an integrated European approach.

The important European directives are: EC 852/2004, EC 853/2004 and EC 854/2004 (food safety), EC 2006/42 (the Machinery Directive), the guidelines on microbiological criteria (EC 2073/2005 and EC 1441/2007) and food contact surfaces (EC 1935/2004).

Hygienic design

Food contact surfaces must legally meet the following criteria:

  • Smooth surface (average roughness (Ra) lower than 0.8 ┬Ám)
  • No pits, nor cracks
  • Excellent cleanability (does not depend solely on the surface roughness)

Food contact surfaces meet these European requirements through the processing of the SUBLIMOTION-process®. EHEDG and other independent institutes evaluated and certified this in a standardized and scientific way. With the specific SUBLIMOTION certificates you can easily prove that all production installations are in accordance with the European legislation on hygienic design regarding Food contact surfaces.

Curious which European directives apply to you and how you can meet their requirements? Read the article 'HACCP supplements the Machinery Directive' in the VMT Food magazine (June edition) or send us an email to receive a digital copy.

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