Hand blast cabinets

The PRO-impact line consists of our dry blasting cabinets. Depending on your application you choose:

Product features

  • Made from the most durable and abrasion-resistant materials
  • Low operational costs: minimal abrasive consumption and compressed air consumption
  • Maximum return
  • Optimal user-friendliness
  • Respect for the environment

The blasting cabinets are available in various standard dimensions: PRO 0806/2, PRO 1208, PRO 1510, PRO 2010 and PRO 2510.

Product description

  • In accordance with CE standards
  • Personalization according to modular design: manual turntable, external loading table on walker, venturi blow gun, 2 lateral doors or openings, frontal door opening instead of lateral, additional abrasive vessels, abrasive filler funnel, acoustic kit, magnetic separator and pneumatic hour meter

PRO 0806/2

Get acquainted with our PRO 0806/2. The ergonomic turntable, the adjustable working height, the maximum illumination (high light output with limited energy consumption) and the extra large viewing window at an adjusted angle considerably improve the operator's working comfort.

PRO 1208, PRO 1510, PRO 2010 en PRO 2510

Suction or pressure system

The projection system depends on the application, frequency of use, desired speed and budget.

Suction system 

Choose a vacuum system when you occasionally blast and speed is secondary. The blasting abrasive is sucked in from the reservoir and accelerated at the height of the blasting gun by means of compressed air.

Pressure system 

A pressure system radiates up to three times faster and more powerful. Choose a pressure system when you use the installation intensively and want a high return. The abrasive is pushed to the nozzle under pressure. This stream is consistent and powerful. Thanks to the dosing device you can control the quantity of abrasive .

Abrasive recuperation and filtration system

  • The cyclone unit filters the abrasive for 90% of dust and impurities. The dust extraction system ensures good visibility in the cabinet, which improves your working comfort, end result and productivity.
  • The pulsejet cartridge filters are made from antistatic filter material. These are cleaned automatically and sequentially. The length of time between two injections can be adjusted.

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