Automated dry blasting installations

Do you wish to increase your business productivity? Or do you simply want to automate repetitive actions? Thanks to the semi and fully automatic dry blasting installations, your most outspoken wishes can be realized. We have a standard range of (semi) automatic installations. If this does not offer a conclusive solution, we switch to robotisation.

Robotized dry blasting installations

Advantages of a robotic process

  • Increased business productivity thanks to speed gain
  • Adequate and accurate treatment of hard-to-reach places
  • Guarantee on reproducibility of the result, guarantee on consistent quality
  • Optimal traceability thanks to the possibility of automatic registration, sending and processing of data to your software package
  • Different types of spare parts can be treated easily

Standard automated blasting installations

Assortment of standard automated blasting installations

  • Transit blasting installations: both vertically and horizontally
  • Satellite blasting cabinets
  • Barrel blast machines
  • Horizontal and vertical oscillation systems

Which method you choose depends on your specific situation, objectives and outlook on the future. We guide you during this search. Even after implementation in your production environment, our technical project service and after-sales service continue to monitor your blasting installation.

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