Abrasive recuperation system


The elevator has a transport capacity up to 600 kg/min. This version can accommodate abrasive accumulations without risk of blockage.

Cascade cleaner (separator)

The separator has the function to clean the abrasive step by step from all gross and fine impurities. This way you can deliver consistent quality work. The cascade cleaner can be equipped with an additional drum. This extension is recommended for applications where iron contamination must be avoided (such as with glass bead blasting from stainless steel) and also with the use of 2 different blasting agents in the same blasting cabin.

Storage silo

The storage silo serves to store the abrasive.

  • Heightened version 
  • Capacity for 1 to 4 blasting installations 
  • Capacity 0.5m³ per machine (500L)

Blast pots

All blasting vessels are in accordance with the PED directive. A 200 L boiler is provided as standard, of course this depends on your specific situation (different capacities available from 20 L to 300 L). The blast pot is equipped with a remote control type dead man's handle with silencer and blast & control hoses. Thanks to the dosing valve you can adjust the abrasive flow in a targeted way.


Below a number of common options.

  • Accessories for internal blasting of pipes
  • Compressed air treatment and blasting pressure regulators (compressed air coolers, 2-stage condensation separators...)
  • Blow guns
  • Complete safety equipment

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