Blasting halls and equipment 

The JET-impact line consists of our blasting halls and associated equipment. Blasting halls are personalized realizations tailored to your production situation and your application(s), all in accordance with the French regulation. In addition to the blasting halls, all associated installations and equipment are provided, such as: the abrasive transport system, the abrasive recuperation system and the ventilation system. If desired, you can automate certain actions and have parameters registered.

Blasting hall design

  • Qualitative choice of materials
  • Durability
  • Attention to the safety & health of the operator
  • Plug ’n play (modular principle) gives the possibility to expand step by step

Noise-reducing blasting hall


  • Acoustic, fire-resistant panels
  • Noise emission <80 dB


  • Assembled via portal trusses with transverse reinforcement
  • Possibility of split roof or monorail

Entry door 

  • Labyrinth design for optimal air flow circulation
  • The useful passage is the same as the cabin wall (full utilization of the section)

Emergency door

  • Anti-panic safety system
  • Equipped with a viewing window made of safety glass

Interior design

  • Fire and abrasion resistant rubber curtain over all walls and doors


  • Excellent lighting throughout the entire blasting area
  • Electrical connections on the outside of the cabin

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