Blackfast manual or automatic blacking line

Do you wish to black components made of steel, cast iron, stainless steel and certain aluminium alloys in a safe and ecological way? Via the Blackfast blacking process or the black cream you can quickly and easily black at room temperature.

Two working methods

1. Immersion process

The blacking process is a form of chemical blacking (not to be confused with phosphating). It is an immersion process in which parts go through different process baths. You can work in a closed circuit. The process baths are made of plastic or stainless steel. Depending on your application, the content varies from 25 centilitres to gigantic process baths. The blacking process takes place at room temperature and requires no expensive, energy-wasting heating systems, or expensive extraction systems.

Advantages of the immersion process

The immersion process is a conversion process in which metal converts into a copper complex.

  • No dimensional changes so suitable for precision parts
  • Deep black uniform color with improved corrosion resistance and low light reflection
  • Simple, fast and stable process
  • Qualitative end result in a (cost) efficient way
  • Process at room temperature: ecological, economical and safe

2. Blacking cream

Do you wish to black parts sporadically? Then choose our blacking cream/paste. This working method is often used for fixed structures, art objects and local treatment.

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