Blackfast process fluids and process equipment

Blackfast process liquids and blacking cream/paste

We offer all process fluids for running the entire blacking cycle: degreaser, conditioner, blacking fluid and corrosion protector. You can buy as well the blacking cream/paste. The process fluids and blacking cream/paste are usually available from stock. Trucks leave daily for deliveries within 24 hours.

Process equipment

We help you configuring your blacking line. The process equipment consists of a series of process baths, whether automated or not. If desired, you can work in a closed circuit. The process baths are made of plastic or stainless steel. The content varies from 25 centilitres for small precision parts to gigantic process baths. Discover our standard 25 L Blackfast blacking line.

Blacking cycle

The blacking cycle comprises a number of process steps in which the components are immersed in different baths, according to predefined parameters.


The surface is cleaned and degreased so that it is free from mill scale, rust and other substances. This step is essential for a high-quality blacking result.


After degreasing and water rinsing, the parts are immersed in the conditioner to reduce the pH value.


The final blacking takes place when immersing in the blacking liquid. A correct pre-treatment results in an extremely fast and effective blacking. For example, 1 minute is sufficient to obtain a nice, uniform black surface. At higher temperatures (>22°C) or special materials, the ideal surface can be obtained after 30 seconds.

Corrosion protection

Finally, the products are immersed in a dewatering oil whereby the blackened surface is dewatered and the oil provides a highly efficient corrosion protection layer (after outdoor drying or forced drying).

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