Blackfast blacking process versus traditional blacking

With the Blackfast blacking process you enjoy all the advantages of traditional blacking such as maintaining the dimensions and the homogeneous deep black color without the associated disadvantages. Components are blackened in a short period of time and the smallest cavities and recesses are easily reached. In this way the parts have a uniform and deep black color. In contrast to conventional blacking methods, no salt crystals are left behind. There are also no high energy costs, nor any risk for the operator or the environment. The equipment for a basic Blackfast blacking line is economical and user-friendly. Given the simplicity of the system you can start right away.

Blackfast blacking line Traditional chemical blacking 
room temperature 22°C  high temperature > 140°C
low energy costs, low operating costs high energy costs, expensive process
matte finishing  glossy finishing 
safe and simple extremely dangerous process (splashes and vapors)
no distortion distortion due to temperatures
low start-up costs high investment costs
simple implementation radical consequences for the shop floor and environment
blacking of cast iron possible cast iron turns brown, not black
easy to control process difficult to control process


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