Since 1988 we are specialized in the study, development and production of industrial machinery and equipment for surface treatment. We also supply all the related consumables and personal protective equipment. In short, we are your all-round supplier


  • 1988: Creation of Phibo Industries by Philippe Bourdeaud’hui. 
  • 1998: Moving to the new commercial building
  • 2001-2002: Expansion of the work place
  • 2002: In-house product & project-engineering department 
  • 2003: Optimization of the VACU-impact® line
  • 2004: Market launch of the Blackfast-process®
  • 2004-2006: Development of a pneumatic recovery system for the recycling of abrasive media
  • 2006-2007: Development modular PRO-impact® line (hand blasting cabinets)
  • 2008: Expansion of expertise in cleaning and degreasing installations 
  • 2012: Development of the MCS²
  • 2012-2014: Development of the SUBLIMOTION-process® for the conditioning of stainless steel surfaces
  • 2014: Nomination of the SUBLIMOTION-process® for the Industry Awards in the category Best Practice in Process.
  • 2015: Start up of privileged collaboration with renowed research institutes and universities for scientific research regarding surface contamination and cleanability.
  • 2016: Nomination of the SUBLIMOTION-process® for the Belgian and European Business Awards for the Environment and the Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards thanks to the sustainability and environment-friendliness of this innovative surface treatment and conditioning process. 
  • 2017: Expansion of the in-house product & project-engineering department
  • 2019: Automation of blasting and cleaning processes via robotization

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