The wet blasting technique

Through the wet blasting technique, your parts are simultaneously degreased & cleaned and this all in a dust-free environment. Wet blasting is based on a controlled projection of a homogeneous mixture consisting of water and abrasive. The process mixture is sprayed by means of compressed air. The correct adjustment of various process parameters results in highly reproducible and accurate treatment. Both aggressive treatments and applications for precision and dimensionally sensitive parts are possible. In this way, sharp corners and fine profiles can be retained.


  • The water buffer prevents the impact and incrustation of microbeads in the surface
  • The effect can be accelerated by adding degreasers, inhibitors, disinfectants, additives and/or hot water
  • Environmentally friendly, dust-free, non-toxic and no use of aggressive chemicals or solvents
  • No formation of static electricity, nor danger of explosion
  • Economic and ecological: closed circuit operation and minimal wear of the machine parts
  • User and maintenance friendly

Alternative Method

In addition to wet blasting installations, we also offer alternative cleaning machines. As a system provider we guide you through the various surface treatment techniques to offer you the most suitable technology in function of your application and intended result. We have a demonstration room (research and feasibility center) where various processes can be tested and/or feasibility studies are started.

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