Free blasting systems

The JET-impact line consists of our industrial pressure blast pots.

  • Can be used individually
  • In a composite system, for example MCS² or blasting hall with associated equipment
  • Both for blasting small parts (such as a tool) to very large surfaces (such as on shipyards, paint shops and refineries)

Product features

  • Different volumes: from 20 L to 300 L
  • Simple and smooth emptying of the abrasive without dismantling
  • Blasting agent dosing valve and filter pressure regulator
  • Mobile and easy to handle
  • Reliable remote control type dead man's handle with a silencer (pneumatic or electro-pneumatic version)
  • Qualitative choice of materials CE-approved: the pressure-jet vessels comply with the applicable European directive for pressure equipment 97/23 / EC - Royal Decree 13/06/1999, as well as the application of general minimum requirements of the Royal Decree of 12/08/1993 on the use of work equipment (Codex)


  • Accessories for water blasting 
  • Equipment for internal blasting of pipes
  • Blow guns

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