Conditioning & activation of composites 

Composites and plastics are difficult to glue due to their bad adhesive characteristics and are hard to coat because of a slippery resinous layer on the substrates. Besides, all contaminations that are present on the surface have a negative impact on the adhesion. Therefore it is really important to pre-treat the surfaces of the composites or plastics before gluing or coating. In other words, the surface of the composites should be conditioned and activated.

To guarantee a successful gluing of different types of composites or between composites and other materials, Phibo Industries offers its wet blast technology. This innovative concept has been developed, for instance, to achieve a surgically cleaned surface that is ideally activated simultaneously without damaging the substrates.  

Numerous laboratory test in different industrial sectors confirm the improved adhesive degree of composites and plastics after treatment with our wet blast technology. Meanwhile, the technology is globally accepted and is being applied in the aerospace and automotive (Formula 1). 

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