Wet blast cabinet type Vapormate

Demonstration wet blast cabinet 


Machine condition

Nearly as new, only a few short demonstrations

Technical characteristics

  • Cabinet construction: polyethylene HDPE, 4-6 mm thickness, colour: grey
  • Internal dimensions: 700 x 700 x 600 H mm (above operating grid)
  • Access through frontal up folding window
  • Filter system: MB paper filter with manual unrolling of the paper (std. 340 mm)
  • Machine operation: 2 footswitches, 1 to operate the blast gun and 1 to control the window rinse unit

Supply information

  • Compressed air: connection 1/2", equipped with high-efficiency blast gun with low consumption of compressed air: 220 L/min at 5 bar
  • Water: connection min. 1/2"
  • Electricity: single phase 220/240V, 50Hz, 16A

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