The SUBLIMOTION-process® nominated for the European Business Awards

In the beginning of 2016, Phibo Industries’ SUBLIMOTION-process® was nominated by a jury of 13 experts for the Belgian Business Awards for the Environment, awarded by the FEB. This nomination was a reward for the years of efforts of the company. And during the official presentation of the awards on Monday, which was attended by ministers Kris Peeters and Marie-Christine Marghem, it even got better. Phibo Industries was also nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment! These awards at European level are awarded every two years by the European Commission. Phibo therefore has to prepare for a battle on the European stage.

The Belgian and European Business Awards for the Environment reward companies that integrate sustainable development into their business, developments and processes. With the SUBLIMOTION-process® Phibo Industries has developed a very safe and environmental-friendly way to clean and condition stainless steel surfaces (food contact surfaces) in a controlled and reproducible manner. The SUBLIMOTION-process® conditions the stainless steel surfaces in such a way that the surface roughness and -topography are dramatically improved, as well as its hygienic properties and cleanability. The SUBLIMOTION-process® thus is a valuable and environmental-friendly alternative to conventional processes for many applications such as conventional glass bead blasting, chemical pickling, brushing and polishing. Phibo's extremely durable process soon found its way in a variety of sectors, ranging from the food and pharmaceutical industries to the chemical industry.

You can watch the video about the nomination below.


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