SUBLIMOTION-process® included in the EHEDG Yearbook 2017-2018

Phibo Industries made it to the EHEDG Yearbook 2017-2018 with an article about the unique SUBLIMOTION-processĀ®. In "Creating optimal cleanable stainless steel surfaces", Dr. Nicolas Rossi (ACTALIA) and Pieter Haers (Phibo Industries) explain the scientific study that was conducted about a stainless steel surface treated with the SUBLIMOTION-processĀ® and the excellent results that were shown.

ACTALIA, an officially authorised test and certification institute, carried out the EHEDG cleanability test according to EHEDG Doc. 2. During that test, the cleanability of a stainless steel surface finished with the SUBLIMOTION-process was compared to surfaces finished with traditional surface treatment methods (electropolyshing, glass bead blasting, chemical pickling and passivation). The test showed that the stainless steel surface treated with the SUBLIMOTION-process showed better hygienic characteristics and was determined to be at least equally cleanable as an electropolished surface.

Via this link you can read the EHEDG Yearbook 2017-2018. You can find the article of Phibo Industries on page 50-53.


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