Selective removal of paint

Paint removal is widely applied in many different industries. During the removing of paint, the intention of the procedure is to remove paint or coating in a controlled way without damaging the substrates of the components. This look pretty easy but in fact it is an extremely delicate job. If you opt for the wrong method, it will be an expensive affair that has a negative impact on the environment. The most common methods are based on chemicals, which have a lot of negative consequences: damaging of the pieces, inefficient cleaning, harmful for the operator and environment, etc.

Phibo Industries has excelled this conventional technologies concerning the quality of the final result and the conservation of substrates of the material that must be cleaned. According to the application, Phibo Industries opts for an innovative dry blast or wet blast process. Depending on the desired result one of these methods offers the appropriate solution. Besides, our different technologies are available in several executions: stationary or mobile, hand blast cabinet or fully automated installation. All of our installations guarantee an efficient and high-quality paint removal result. 

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