Degreasing & cleaning of all kinds of components

Maintenance of the machinery is an important issue in industrial workshops. It regularly happens that several components have to be cleaned during the maintenance or reparation. Although, a lot of companies waste a lot of time and money because they don’t have the appropriate equipment to clean these components. That is a pity because after the cleaning of the parts, technicians often decide if a component can be reused or not.

Despite its importance, cleaning regularly is neglected. The cleaning of components seems easy but there are a lot of aspects that could influence this process:

  • Complexity of a component
  • Sort of material
  • Type and degree of contamination
  • Desired finishing

There are a number of possibilities to clean these components. Phibo Industries offers both wet and dry blast processes, going from small hand blast cabinets to blasting rooms or fully automated versions. Every installation guarantees an efficient cleaning and a qualitatively high-minded result.

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