Cleaning of moulds & extrusion dies

The cleaning of contaminated moulds and extrusion dies is a common application in the plastic, rubber, aluminium and glass processing sector. Several parameters such as the desired finishing, type of substrate, contamination, etc. taken into account, it is not obvious to find a cleaning method that meets all the different requirements.

There are various conventional processes to clean moulds and extrusion dies: chemical cleaning, grinding, glass bead blasting, etc. The problem with all of these techniques is their inefficiency and their negative impact on the environment.

For those reasons, Phibo Industries recommends to use a wet blast installation for similar applications. Our wet blast technology is based on a controlled projection of a mixture of water and a specific abrasive. The suspension is sprayed by means of compressed air at an operational pressure of 4 bar. These technology allows an extremely controllable cleaning without damaging the components, so sharp edges and fine profiles are maintained. The neutral surface allows an eventual post-treatment.

Our wet blast technology is available in manual as well as automated versions. A fully automated wet blast installation, for instance, can successively execute the following processes: cleaning, rinsing and drying. All the different treatments are adjusted before and happen in a completely closed circuit without water drainage to the sewer.  

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