Blasting of stones and glass

Glass and natural stone are two really delicate substrates that require a specific treatment. Glass can be treated without matting the glass, but when wanted it is also possible to matt the glass in a controlled way. Besides, there are many types of (porous) natural stones. Each of them must be treated with the appropriate method. These methods require high-quality equipment and that is what you will find at Phibo Industries.

We have a range of qualitative machines that are suitable for the treatment of glass and stone: hand blast cabinets, mobile and dust free installations, microblasters, free blasting systems, etc.

Besides different machines and technologies we also offer many different types of abrasives to obtain the optimal result. According to the application and the desired result we will advise you in your search for the right abrasive. Thanks to our experience and by listening to our clients, we have expanded our product range with several interesting consumables, for example our in-house developed masking tape to cover windows during blasting activities. 

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