Air-gumming of wood

On the request of the market, Phibo Industries developed the air-gumming technology. Many families still have wooden kitchens, drawing rooms, stairs, etc. which no longer match their modern interior. But this doesn’t mean that this furniture must be casted off. Thanks to our air-gumming technology, you will be able to give them a contemporary look. The paint/varnish is removed in a controlled way without damaging the objects. Although, our technology is not limited to wooden surfaces. There are many possible applications: remove paint or rust from metal surfaces, clean stones from natural origin, remove graffiti, matting of glass, etc.

To make use of the full capacity of this innovative technology, we have developed our Mobile & Compact Stripping System (MCS²) and successfully launched it into the market. This overall system allows the skilled worker to air-gum on site (the MCS² fits in a small van) as well as in his own workshop. Phibo Industries has used its experience in critical sectors like aerospace and food industry while developing this mobile and compact air-gumming installation. The exploitation costs of the MCS² are remarkably low and the installation guarantees a 100% safe operation for the operator thanks to our unique technology and the choice for sustainable materials.  

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